3 Cemetaries, No Hospital

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"3 Cemetaries, No Hospital" sign unveiled in presentation to Mayor:
Fort Erie Continues to fight-back to save local hospital

The Niagara Health System and the provincial government are trying to close the Douglas Memorial Hospital in Fort Erie. But the Town continues to fight-back to save their local hospital that was built originally in 1931 to provide local access to health care services.

In a presentation today to the mayor, the Yellow Shirt Gang - a group of concerned citizens - unveiled a highway banner that indicates the citizens outrage that their community could lose a vital health care service. (see photo below)

The town has vehemently opposed all moves made by the Niagara Health System and the provincial government to close their hospital. When operating rooms were closed and equipment removed recently, a protest resulted in three arrests by police hired privately by the Niagara Health System. Among those arrested was one of the Town of Fort Erie's highly-respected doctors.

Mayor Douglas Martin has been a vocal opponent since inception of a controversial "Hospital Improvement Plan" that will see hospital closures in the lakeside towns of Port Colborne and Fort Erie, " Nothing will be acceptable unless we retain all current services and the equipment stolen from our hospital is returned," said a very supportive Mayor.

"At some point reason must prevail and the McGuinty government must listen to the politicians, physicians, health care workers and citizens who know they are right and the NHS is so very wrong. NO means NO," said the Yellow Shirt Gang.
Edited version of a posting from Sue Salzer and the citizen's fight-back group in Fort Erie
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