Zellers Distribution Centre Strike Support Appeal

Over 300 CAW Local 1000 members have been out on strike at the Zellers Distribution Centre in Scarborough, Ontario since July 16. The employer (Hudson’s Bay Corporation – now owned by U.S.-based private equity firm NRDC Equity Partners) has walked away from the bargaining table and refuses to negotiate with our union.

What you can do!

Please take 2 minutes to participate in our online letter writing campaign! Support these workers by letting Zellers CEO & President Mark Foote know that these demands are simply unacceptable and that he should bring his team of negotiators back to the table with the mandate to reach a fair and equitable settlement.

Visit: http://petition.web.net/caw/node/8 to sign the petition. We need as many signatures as possible!!

Zellers is demanding massive contract rollbacks from these workers, that includes:

- An $8/hour pay cut for material handlers (approx $16,000 annually);
- Eliminate severance pay entitlements;
- Remove seniority provisions for new job postings;
- Establish a two-tier vacation system; and
- Increasing the use of temporary agency workers in the warehouse

Our members feel these demands are unreasonable and simply unacceptable. Retail workers, across the country, have suffered from major employer concessionary demands for years, which have impacted wage and benefit levels. CAW Local 1000 members are taking a principled stand against these concessions in support of all Canadian retail workers.

For more information on the campaign visit the CAW website at: www.caw.ca/en

In Solidarity,

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